We conduct effective TALENT Mentoring in a structured and customized professional dialogue, rooted in evidence from the professional learner’s practice, which articulates existing beliefs and practices to enable reflection on Professionals, Students and Entrepreneurs. Its done through a thoughtful relationship developing trust, attending respectfully and with sensitivity to the powerful emotions involved in deep professional learning environment.

We establish confidence about the boundaries of the relationship by agreeing and upholding ground rules that address imbalances in power and accountability combining support from fellow professional learners and specialists collaborating with colleagues to sustain commitment to learning and relate new approaches to everyday practice; seeking out specialist expertise to extend skills and knowledge and to model good practice growing self direction an evolving process in which the learner takes increasing responsibility for their professional development as knowledge, attitude, skills and self awareness increase.

We provide motivation and support to an individual or team seeking a new path. We influence the mentees in many ways: by helping to set performance standards, challenging self-expectations, offering inspiration during difficult times.

TALENT Mentoring LLP is a group of competent, passionate and experienced professionals, focus on connecting Talent, Technology, Innovation in order to support mentees to achieve their highest potential – Vision.